Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is this what happens when you start getting older?

So right now I am working on some homework...but that's not all. I'm also watching a craft show on the BYU channel. Pretty boring and not very good quality...but I can't turn it off.

So growing up, I was never very artistic or crafty. I've never been much of the homemaking type either...but something has happened over the past year and I'm not sure why. Before I had all these really big dreams and ambitious goal (and don't get me wrong, I still have them), but now as I approach my graduation (In three weeks, EEEK!) all I want to do is your typical mormon old lady stuff. Seriously. If I can just get a job and make enough money to support myself, I think I'd be perfectly happy to spend all my time collecting cookbooks, trying new recipes, decorating cakes, and doing crafts. And if I could somehow get paid do all these things, I would be even happier.

But really guys, this is so weird for me. I NEVER used to be like this. I've always been pretty dang career/"go-save-the-world" oriented. Is this just what happens when you start getting older when you're a mormon woman? Well, I have a two year break before I start grad school to complete my life-long dream of being a marriage and family therapist, but let me tell you...I can't wait to spend those two years doing crafts and perfecting my cake decorating skills. I just have to wait three more weeks of school before the crafting and baking can begin. So fun!


  1. Yeah, you are real old, at what? Age 21??? :)

    I've not hit the crafty Mormon phase and don't know if I ever will! I suck at all crafts, so that is part of the problem!

  2. Are you related to your mother? =] I think I missed the crafty gene and inherited the "obsessively work on the computer on random projects" gene.