Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is this what happens when you start getting older?

So right now I am working on some homework...but that's not all. I'm also watching a craft show on the BYU channel. Pretty boring and not very good quality...but I can't turn it off.

So growing up, I was never very artistic or crafty. I've never been much of the homemaking type either...but something has happened over the past year and I'm not sure why. Before I had all these really big dreams and ambitious goal (and don't get me wrong, I still have them), but now as I approach my graduation (In three weeks, EEEK!) all I want to do is your typical mormon old lady stuff. Seriously. If I can just get a job and make enough money to support myself, I think I'd be perfectly happy to spend all my time collecting cookbooks, trying new recipes, decorating cakes, and doing crafts. And if I could somehow get paid do all these things, I would be even happier.

But really guys, this is so weird for me. I NEVER used to be like this. I've always been pretty dang career/"go-save-the-world" oriented. Is this just what happens when you start getting older when you're a mormon woman? Well, I have a two year break before I start grad school to complete my life-long dream of being a marriage and family therapist, but let me tell you...I can't wait to spend those two years doing crafts and perfecting my cake decorating skills. I just have to wait three more weeks of school before the crafting and baking can begin. So fun!

Monday, November 30, 2009

TV Bonding

Over thanksgiving break I got to visit with a lot of my aunts and uncles. There is one aunt and uncle in particular that I don't know very well. They are not members of the church, don't have any children, and to be honest, I have very little in common with them. While my big family was out to dinner one night, my sister and I ended up getting seated next to this aunt and uncle. Like I said before, I hardly know them and things had a lot of potential to be awkward. Over dinner, however, we started talking about our favorite TV shows we liked to watch. The conversation quickly got upbeat and filled with excitement. Immediately my extended family and I were able to find something in common. My aunt (that I hardly know) and I were able to discuss the pros and cons of watching 24 as the last couple seasons of American Idol...and we both totally bonded over the fact that we had been cheering for Adam Lambert even though he's a little weirdie.

By the end of dinner, I had totally bonded with that aunt and uncle...and as I thought about it after, I realized I owe it all to TV. It really brought us together. Maybe TV can be a good thing.

Such a good movie!-The Blind Side

So I have been waiting for this movie to come out since school started this semester and I finally got to go see it on opening night a week ago.

At the end of the summer my friends and I went to go see the Time Traveler's Wife and a preview for the blind side came on...by the end of the preview all of us were tearing up. I felt mucho ridiculous, but I figured that if the preview could make me cry then the movie must be worth seeing...and it was. I normally wait for movies to get to the dollar theater before I see them because I am cheap, but this flick was well worth the $8. It still amazes me how awesome films can be in their ability to tell a story and influence emotion.

Overall, this movie is great! It's really well done, touching, and based on a true story! Go see it!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Status Update!

Ok, random facebook story....

So today my roommate was going to pick me up on campus after she got off work but she doesn't have a cell phone so we had do coordinate over facebook. She wrote on my wall asking me were she should pick me up. I replied, "I can be at the drop off place under the wilk (the door we use to go to church). Just let me know what time you want me to be there.".

About 15 minutes later I got an email notification saying my friend Walker had commented on my status. His comment was "
Why did you post this as you status? Weirdo.". Sure enough, I looked and instead of writing on my friend's wall I had some how accidentally posted my message to her as my status update. End result--

MeganRogers: I can be at the drop off place under the wilk (the door we use to go to church). Just let me know what time you want me to be there.

I got several other comments such as, "
is that some kind of a pick up line for anyone who is willing to listen?".

Yeah, pretty funny and kind of embarrassing. Pretty sure my weird facebook status will be everyone's mini-feed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

All Girls are Princesses

Growing up, a book that I loved was A Little Princess. It is such a great book and I highly recommend it to everyone. However, this blog post is actually about the 1995 film version of A Little Princess.

THIS FILM IS AMAZING! It was also a favorite of mine growing up. I've never been much of a crier, but this was one of the few films that could consistently get a tear out of me growing up. Well, last night my roommates and I watched it together and it just reminded me of how much I really do love this movie. It's a great plot and the movie itself is super well done. It is such a beautiful film, I love it! And the actress who plays the main character does such an amazing job. It's incredible. Well, as usual I was totally crying like a baby by the end. But it truly amazes me some times how powerful media can be. It's crazy to think that a movie, if really done well, can make such an impression and provoke such emotions.

Anyway, if any of you haven't seen this movie, you REALLY should watch it...especially on a night where you just feel like crawling up in a ball under a warm blanket and having a little sob fest (but in a good way)....although make sure you get the 1995 version of the film. And to any guys who think they probably wouldn't dig this....suggest you watch it with your wife or girl friend and they'll probably love you forever.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My addiction to Food...Network, that is.

Ok, So I think most people in the class know that I like food network. And to be honest, I really don't watch all that much TV in general, so it's not like I'm watching Food Network all the time. Every once in a while, however, it gets a little out of hand...and it's bad. Really. I may have a serious Food Network addiction. Last night I was totally worn out and had a super long day. So I came home and heated up some left over curry I'd made the day and finally relaxed by flipping on the TV (ah-ha! more proof that Dr. Coyne's lecture was right...most people do eat while watching TV). So I started watching Food Network and I couldn't stop. What was meant to be a short break while I ate my dinner turned into a spontaneous Food Network marathon. But I couldn't help it...Ace of Cakes was on!!! And that's my favorite Food Network show! It is seriously amazing I love it so much.

So after watching more than a healthy amount of Ace of Cakes, I should have turned off the TV right then and there....but then "The NEXT Iron Chef"came on! A reality show/competition to decide who the next Iron Chef will be. I'm already a fan of the regular "Iron Chef" show, and this just stepped up the intensity even more! Ok, well someone got sent home and the episode was over. Again, that really would have been a good time to press the power button...but no. Of course I had to keep watching because "Chopped" came on and it looked like a mega intense episode (which it was), and the rest was history.

Summary: I'm pathetic.

Needless to say, I got nothing done last night. But ya know waht, some times I think you just need a night off where you can roll up in a ball on the couch, tucked under a blanket, and just take a break for a while...and enjoy amazing TV. =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

International Cinema

Note: I wrote this over the weekend and totally thought I posted it when I ran out the door last minute, but it turns out I only saved it....so it's a little delayed.

So on Friday I went with some friends to go see International Cinema on BYU campus. The movie was a Japanese film called "Megane". It's about a stressed-out career woman who goes to stay at an almost empty resort where she has no cell phone reception. At first she finds the resort to be really strange and the people very quirky. She also finds herself to be pretty bored and rethinking her decision to come. All anyone does all day is sit on the beach and the occasional yoga-like exercises outdoors. After a while, however, she beings to appreciate the simplistic lifestyle.

Now to be honest, this movie didn't have much plot and was kinda a boring film as far as entertainment goes. There was a lot of scenery shots and not much dialogue. But despite not being a very upbeat or entertaining movie, I actually thought some of the subtle messages in the film were kind of profound. You really get to see the difference between the woman who arrives at the resort and goes into shock when disconnected from the outside world and the woman she later becomes who has found peace and enjoyment in the simplicity of everyday living, uncomplicated from the outside world or the media.

This film really caused me to think about my own life. With all of today's technology, media, etc. life is pretty complicated and can be somewhat overwhelming at times. Despite this, however, we become somewhat dependent on the stressful business. It's almost like we are so over stimulated it causes us stress...but when the stimulation goes away we freak out and go into shock. But what ever happened to finding joys in the simplicity of living?...Enjoying things like just sitting on the beach and pondering, or just enjoying something as simple as a bowl of shaved ice (something done regularly in the movie). Do we really need our cell phones? Would it really be that big of a deal if we become disconnected with the outside world? Sometimes I actually think it would be something both freeing and liberating. Hmmm...maybe I should try a media fast or go live in the middle of no where for a while.